Wednesday, October 20, 2004

2004.10.19 nitetime

well i just got home, and found a package from my mom already here! so yeah, it only took a coupla days then...friday she sent it (i think), so it got here in a few days OH NO WONDER! she sent it priority mail...i just realized wonder it cost her 9 bucks to sent it...and yeah, so i got a tonna candy (halloween's coming up) from the family and a card...that was real nice of my mom...i'm glad she sent the stuff to me, the card is actually the nicest part as far as i'm concerned...i know that people back home are still thinking about me ^_^

but the candy doesn't hurt ^_~

however, i am going to find some costume and dress up...i hear tell there's a halloween party someone in CIS or someone of the exchange students is throwing...but i'm not sure yet...i think someone any rate, i DO want to dress up for halloween, and my sources show that halloween is on a sunday...the perfect day...well, maybe not THE perfect day, but it's a weekend nonetheless, and i still have a weekend and a saturday to shop for a costume, then on the weekend i could go to tokyo or something with it on...or maybe find where the happening halloween parties are, and go bob for apples or something, cuz i've never been to a REAL party like where there's apples and all that stuff...but i've had parties mind you, but this is going to be different...

however, now that i'm thinking about this, i can't wait to be back in the states for my senior year of college, so i can celebrate these holidays with my wonderful girlfriend (^_^ hi buubuu!), my awesome family (sup [insert many names here]! ^_^) and terrific friends (who am i kidding? you all are losers ^_~ jk!)



so yeah, what happened so far? nothing

(hint: read: TYPHOON NUMBER TWENTY EFFING THREE) what's up? end of the world as we know it! florida gets so many hurricanes, now japan gets typhoons (twice as many as usual -- 10 more than average!! AND 1-2 months later than usual!!)

so that's it for now...i'm going to try and call my gf now


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