Friday, October 08, 2004

put nader on the ballot, PLEASE

ya know, this kinda stuff makes me sick:

here and it's not the forging that makes me's the fact that nader even has to petition to get on the ballot...that's friggin retarded! if a man wants on the ballot and is the chosen representative for an established party (decided much the same way a religion makes the census in this country -- by being an established organization), he should be able to get on the ballot for president! (ps when i say man i mean human being, not exclusively flames please)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Put Badnarik on there too!

9:25 PM  
Blogger Kyle Goetz said...

that's right! badnarik (libertarian) should be on there too...i'm sure there are other candidates, but i don't know any of their names, but here's badnarik's website for those of you still swinging, and for those of you looking for a better choice than the two main candidates

11:41 AM  

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