Tuesday, October 12, 2004

well darnit...i had this great blog entry, and my computer decided it wanted to crash, and of course i'm entering the blog entry, so it's not saved...so i lost it...sucks...

yeah so typhoon #22 today
didn't get to go to tokyo with my class
i have 2000 yen right now, so i guess it's a good thing the typhoon happened...only the typhoon...omg...WAS SHAKING THE WHOLE HOUSE I LIVE IN, and me sitting by two windows...and it didn't even come straight here...it went to tokyo instead of kanagawa...

man japanese get right on the money issues, don't they...i already got a tax form i gotta fill out, and i only did my alien registration a week ago! aiya!


oh yeah and one thing i forgot to mention...i weighed myself yesterday, and apparently i've lost 10 lbs since i moved here...that's 10 lbs in 3 weeks...can any diet program claim that? OMG HOW THE HECK DID THIS HAPPEN?!?! and more importantly, WHERE WAS THE WEIGHT THAT I LOST??? i'm still as..*ahem*..round as ever...why am i not skinnier?

well after an hour or two, i added maybe 30 more pages to my translation of kimagure orange road vol. 1...that brings me up to page 113...i need to be up to 120 by class on wednesday...that darn tutorial class is driving me like a workhorse...but i picked that project, so...gotta stick with it...

man the weather's nice today...no rain..i'm going to go start my laundry...

ok well it started to rain so i had to move my laundry in...then i went out to Book Off (like half priced books in the states) and man! i must not have paid attention last time i was there! it's like Heaven...they have all of Kimagure Orange Road, Aa Megami-sama (Oh My Goddess)...TONS of stuff...saint seiya...entire love hina boxed set of DVDs REAL cheap...kuan would crap a brick looking at all the DVDs...basically everything i've seen him download is at book off cheap with original packaging etc...and man! Utada Hikaru (this is english, so Hikaru Utada??)'s new CD is out already in japan...when i get my money in, i'm buying it here, cuz you get better inserts, extras etc in japan...that's why i think they don't have as big a pirating problem that the RIAA does...when you get a CD there's not a lotta cool stuff like with japanese CDs...

so i bought 4 volumes of Kimagure Orange Road for 420 yen (4 USD) and still have 1600 yen or so left...there's apparently 18 volumes of KOR...so it'll be cheap, actually, to get them all when i have the money!

oh yeah and i got a song to share with ya'll:
a children's song about snails
tentenmushimushi, katatsumuri
omae no atama wa doko ni aru?
tsuno dase
yari dase
atama dase


snail, snail
where is your head?
your horns stick out
your 'spears' stick out
your head sticks out

don't ask my why 'tentenmushimushi' and 'katatsumuri' both mean the same thing...and why the heck it's 'tentenmushimushi'...i don't know that either...if you look in the dictionary, you WILL find 'tentenmushimushi' NOT 'tenmushi'

but something i -do- know...i've noticed i'm able to read things easier, and faster than before...i'm translating KOR at a much faster rate, and when i'm not translating, i'm able to just sit down with no dictionary, and read it leisurely, but i do miss some of what is said...but it's increasingly less and less...i can see i'm going a page or so without hitting a word i don't know...of course some of the grammar is teh gh3y...all this nnttekkeppokutte crap (i just made that up, don't go trying to figure it out, ok? ^_~)

well i must read a little KOR then go to bed...tomorrow is a day for relaxing (Sports Day -- a national holiday here, so no school!)


2004.10.11 (10:13)

well it's been raining all morning...so that makes 2 days in a row that it was supposed to be clear and it still rained...stupid stupid rain...so yesterday it was supposed to be clear, so i did my laundry (and it was not raining at the time)..it was morning...and of course in this country everyone HANG-DRYs their clothes...so i hung them outside...

then it started to rain

so i had to get my clothes from outside, move them to outside another room where there's a roof so they won't get wet...of course you gotta wear shoes to go outside your window cuz you don't wanna get your bare feet dirty then get the inside dirty, but of course you can't wear shoes inside, and of course there aren't shoes readily available at every window...so basically i was like

get out shoes, go to my window put shoes on get clothes take shoes off carry shoes and clothes to other room put shoes on go outside hang clothes up come inside take shoes off go get next set of laundry etc etc etc *SIGH*

so yeah, 24 hours later, my clothes still aren't dry...they didn't get rained on...they're still not dry...i have no underwear left...they'd better get dry before tomorrow...or i guess i'm going commando...

but on the bright side, i've now gone through 4 volumes of KOR manga (reading, NOT translating) and i'm happy to report that i can manage to understand most of what's going on -- reading the words and NOT just the pictures...my translation practice is helping SO much with kanji recognition and 80s slang HAHA cuz of course this manga was published in 1985ish...so they're all like WHEE WE'RE IN EIGHTIES CLOTHING etc...going to discotheques etc...

i'll see if i can find a scan of the manga somewhere...

ok i'm done with this entry


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