Friday, October 08, 2004

more japan

2004.10.07 ok i decided to switch to blogger cuz MAN xanga sucks if you wanna be blogging and updating real stand-alone programs you can work with, and no open API to work despite the fact that it does an RSS for you ( i decided that wasn't really worth now i'm typing in blogBuddy, and when i'm done, just click post and publish or whatnot, and it's all pizza and hamburgers (veeerry good)

speaking of which, HOLY CRAP i'm missing that kinda food here...i'm not exaggerating when i say that japanese...well..they have had to all consume rubber and paper at some point, cuz all these weird foods they have here taste HORRIBLE...that's my big beef with living here...if you exclude that i miss my gf, family and friends a whooooole lot (duh!!), the only hard thing about being here is the FOOD....i want my texas chili back! i want my spaghetti back! i want my pb&j...that being said, i think if you can get past the food issue, most people would be fine spending time living here...

on a side note, since the real reason i was staying with opera as a web browser was their AMAZING mail client (M2 it is called), and i can't use POP SMTP IMAP nothing!! through Obirin's DRACONIAN proxy...only port 80 gets through (via their :8080) hopefully i'll be getting broadband at home job should start up soon...speaking of which, i need to do my application...

well typhoon #22 of the year is upon us, and i may not get to go to ueno tomorrow to tokyo geidai to see the buddhist statues and art like our class was going to do...i dunno...but if i get to go, most assuredly there will be pictures up...

but in the meantime i'm going to go...

peace out


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