Saturday, January 01, 2005

New Observation About "Allergies" in Japan

I don't think my hostmother believes in allergies. She gives me food. Tells me it has shrimp (海老 ebi) in it and says "but it's only 1 piece, you can eat it. I say, NO I HAVE AN ALLERGY. Her: Eat it. It's not that much! Me: NO, i have an allergy i'm not eating it.

i don't think she was happy that i repeatedly refused her in front of her son's family, but she should have known i'm not going to eat something i've told her maybe 20 times over the course of my 3 months here that I'm allergic to.

-_-;;; I don't understand her. She also tried to convince me that i only get sick because i look at the shrimp's eyes and guts while i eat it...i'm like "no, we cut those off before cooking in's not that"

oh well...i'll just keep avoiding the food and hope she doesn't try to get me to eat it w/o telling me there's shrimp inside...not that i think she'd do that

oh yeah i just had sake (酒) for the first time and boy it tastes like cotton in your mouth and then you smell like rubbing sucks...i don't understand how anyone could like it


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