Friday, November 19, 2004

i just had the quick urge to post this, when i really should be typing away what happened this weekend and wednesday, and posting pictures and explaining others...

but all this crap about software patents...maybe i should actually write it all out sometime
all the problems it produces, all the stuff software patents are putting the industry, and -- if i may be so bold -- putting the future of the human race through, is very much frightening...

when i go to law school, i may specialize in constitutional or patent law...

patents were intended, in the framing of the constitution, to give
(a)the creator incentive to create (he gets a legal monopoly)
(b)other people the power to innovate further (that monopoly i mentioned...well it's for a LIMITED TIME ONLY))

so patents in that way VERY much help society by encouraging innovation

now, we come to how patents are now:

companies are being formed, and all these companies do, is buy patents...BUY PATENTS from other people who CONTRIBUTED NOTHING TO SOCIETY will make money off these patents
one more fact:
there are patents on software, and on BUSINESS METHODS like amazon's one-click click on a button, you get the item purchased...THIS IS PATENTED!!! but people like microsoft are allowed to use that idea by allowing amazon to use some of their's a trade-off
so, we have established companies holding patents, and using them to sue other companies, and the only people who are innovating are these large, powerful corporations...

therefore, and here's where i poop my pants,
if individuals innovate, they are VERY likely to be i am, as an individual, encouraged not to innovate under threat (which is very real) of being sued...check out linux (being sued, also highly innovative), sun (being sued by KODAK!!, highly innovative -- hello, JAVA!!), i could go on and on..

ok so that rant (full of logical holes i'm too lazy to actually plug up) leads to what i see myself as...i am on the brink of entering law school..hopefully a quite good one...i am very interested in patent and constitutional law...america is going to hell in a handbasket over intellectual property and no one realizes it...

it needs i the one to do it?

end of post.


Blogger Jchan said...

Bubu... very interesting posting. You are going to be a darn awesome lawyer. Btw, thank you for the pictures. They made my day. Me so happy. I love you

11:09 PM  
Blogger Kerslake said...

Hey I sent you an e-mail with a book attached about copyrights. Let me know if your e-mail has changed or you didn't get it. I just want to say I agree completely and have been arguing about this with people for years. Don't even get me started on how copyrights are holding back and even destroying the medical fields. Biomedical Engineers might as well quit now because corporations are about to copyright our very existence and drug companies are literally killing people consiously by holding onto patents and not developing the drugs because it is not cost effective yet. AHHHHH! Okay breath. That's better. Oh shit, whats that?, someone just got copyright protection for air...

3:22 PM  

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