Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Eve Experiences

well I have a Bacon Number of 3 LOL. So I think I win ^_^.

the linkage broken down:
I am related to Lenny von Dohlen
Lenny von Dohlen was in Jennifer Eight (1992) with Kevin (I) Conway *
Kevin (I) Conway was in Mystic River (2003) with Kevin Bacon *

OR (since i'm oober related to famous ppl)

I am related to the late Johnny Cash (my mom's side)
Johnny (I) Cash was in Hunted, The (2003) with Tommy Lee Jones *
Tommy Lee Jones was in JFK (1991) with Kevin Bacon *

* from IMDB

all i can say is w00t

ok i just got back from obirin talking about my bank account stuff here in japan...and on my WALKING way back, i saw so many high school girls dressed like santa claus in the 7 degree (celsius) weather...i felt so sorry for them, so i wonder if i could make a pun about it in japanenglish (the language of jokes made by exchange students here in japanese that only make sense to english speaking japanese speaking ppl

i saw a cute high school girl dressed like santa claus on my way home in the 7 degree weather and i thought "kawaisou"

so the joke is, when you take an -i adjective like "oishii" (tasty) and drop the final 'i' and add 'sou' you get "oishisou" which means "looks tasty"...the 'sou' adds a 'looks/appears' feeling to it

"kawaisou" means "feel sorry for" so in this case the joke is
i thought "i feel sorry for her" but also if you don't speak japanese well you may think that "kawaisou" means "looks cute"

actually it doesn't, but that's another story

not very funny, is it? ^_^ heheh i suck

on another note i watched this japanese comedian last night...dresses in hakama and plays the guitar named 波田明 (あだあきら - HADA AKIRA) and i understood what he was saying in his song...something about

クリスマス クリスマス
Christmas Christmas
Couple's Christmas
I am all alone.
IT SUUUUUUUUUCKS!!!!! (yelled at the top of his lungs)

i took some video today also (since it is xmas eve here...i'll transfer it to my computer and put some online SOMEtime but i dunno when...i don't have a firewire card here and i dunno if i should buy one, and even if i did, i don't have the hard disk space to edit video right now...not til i have an iPod will i have enough free space again... ^_^

ok well i'm going to post this entry for now...i'll add about what's happened the past few weeks hopefully tonite...if not tonite, then it will be an xmas present for everyone who dutifully checks the blog ^_^


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey... Help me out.
About かわいそう not meaning "looks cute..." I see that WWWJDIC says it means "poor, pitiable, pathetic" but does that mean there's no way to change かわいい to say "looks cute" -- which you'd usually do with ーそう -- because it collides with the actual word かわいそう? HMM!

I'm learning Japanese (or trying) and this frankly confuses me. :)

1:14 AM  
Blogger Kyle Goetz said...

you are correct, かわいそう (kawaisou) can only mean "be pitied,feel sorry for,etc"

think about this: does "she looks cute" and "she's cute" mean ANYthing different? nope... so you don't need to say anything other than かわいい (kawaii) when saying that bit of information...

now you may wonder, what about when i HEAR she's cute or something? then you would say かわいいらしい (kawaii rashii) instead

9:17 PM  
Blogger Kyle Goetz said...

also, for future reference, if you want to ask a question on my blog and expect a's probably more convenient for you if you leave your email, or register for blogger...otherwise you'll have to just keep checking back in and in until i reply, as opposed to me being able to just email you an answer ^_^

9:18 PM  

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