Thursday, November 04, 2004

well i got back from class today, and i saw 3 pieces of mail for me, and one in particular was from Sony...

so now i know they're from my gf...i'll wait until she calls me tonight to open them...*can't wait*

so apparently Sgt. Jenkins was sentenced to 30 days in jail, and was dishonorably discharged a 6 HOUR TRIAL! anyways, he admitted to deserting to N. Korea...he's like three hundred years old now...what was the point? he claims to have deserted to save himself (makes sense)


i opened it...voila!!! the 3 ben folds EPs and the bens' EP!! so yeah, offa super d, which i hadn't heard AT ALL yet, the great 2 songs so far are 'get your hands off my woman' -- jazz + blues big time hardcore bass line running with the lyrics (heavily falsettoed and harmonized ^_^)


can't beat that for a surprise right there! and ya can't beat his jazzy solo in the middle of the'll make you brown your pants with amazement

also, 'them that gots' a cover of ray charles' song is GOLDEN offa this CD!!!

i'm getting down to the last pair of shoes
can't even win the nickel bet
because them that's got are them that gets and
i ain't seen nothin yet

* i see folks with fine cars and fancy clothes
that's why they're called the smarter set
cuz they managed to get what them that's got's supposed to get
and i ain't seen nothin yet

them that gots is them that gets
is something i can't see
you gotta get something
'fore you can get somethin
how you get the first is still a mystery to me


i ain't seen nothin yet
i ain't seen nothin yet

so thank you to the person who got me the CDs, MY GF!!! WHEEE!!


and a great card!!! WHEE!!!

i am going shopping this weekend for her bday present too...but what to get i don't know, and even if i did, i would not post it!!!

ok peace out


Blogger Jchan said...

what? so that means i got a CD with cussing words in it? NOOOO!!!! dangit. Burn the CD bubu! Burn it! hehe jk. I am glad you like it. I was really excited when I ordered the CDs for you. I love you Bubu

12:04 AM  

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