Wednesday, October 27, 2004

well i just voted...i'm sending off the ballot tomorrow..i will put pics of the ballot up soon for ppl to see...and for those who are really curious, readers, flame on!


Blogger Jchan said...

Who did you vote for? Hehe. I just remembered a conversation Jim, Brian, Haley and I had the other day in town about the elections. Haley can't vote cuz she didn't get her absentee ballot in. Worse thing... her mom works for the government. So yeah... she was like I dont like Bush. I am going for Edwards. I am like: honey, you mean Kerry. She was a bit confused. Then she said: well yeah, I was just going by his last name. Me: HAHAHAHA! Edwards is not Kerry's last name. Edwards is the VP candidate. *sigh* see ppl like this ruin the country. They vote w/o being educated about the candidate they are voting for.

12:51 AM  
Blogger Kyle Goetz said...

michael badnarik, the libertarian candidate ^_^ definitely kerry (uh...i mean...edwards?? ^_^) was out of the question, and i decided that although i agree with bush on many things, i couldn't in good conscience vote for him when there was someone whose policies i agreed with, all i have to say to explain why i didn't vote for bush: Cheney, Ashcroft...if i'd voted for bush, it would have been a vote for cheney and ashcroft, two evil little men who favor the patriot act...something that BADNARIK opposes ^_^...tho, i'm from texas, so my vote will make little-to-no difference (bush will obviously win this state), it's the principle of voting for who i believe is the best candidate ^_^

12:23 PM  

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