Tuesday, November 02, 2004

*sigh* more talk of 'north korea please rejoin the nuclear non-proliferation treaty'
more talk of 'iran please cease your nuclear research'


people claim:
iran and north korea may use weapons against other countries

well holy sheeeeat, why aren't people saying 'us, please destroy your nuclear weapons'?!?

fact: the us HAS attacked another country this year and the previous and the previous
fact: north korea and iran haven't

if the us has the right to nuclear weapons, why don't iran and north korea??? because they're 'more evil'??? according to whom? the un? AFGHANISTAN? or the us?

ps i'm an american citizen...i'm just sick of all this crap about how only western countries have the right to do nuclear research...us definitely isn't doing anything GOOD with our research...where's our nuclear power plants that we could run our house on for a year for PENNIES?!?! it's too dangerous you say? what about all the wildlife we've killed with oil?!?

i dunno...i'll back off, as i can't seem to find much info on the net right now, and i'm gettin kinda tiiiiired ^_^

however, on an interesting note, how often does the us media report things like this? the family of a suicide bomber condemning the militants? EXCELLENT! but why doesn't the us mention this? the link is to the BBC...could it maybe be because the media wants us to see the middle east as a bunch of evil people??? (granted, they condemned the militants because the bomber was 16..they 'should have sent an adult who understands the meaning of his deeds' *groans*)

but i digress, as this blog is supposed to be more about my experiences in japan than it is supposed to be a political platform...i just REALLY had to vent this time!

viewpoints? comments? flames?


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