Thursday, November 11, 2004

僕の誕生日とか -- my birthday, etc.

interesting fact:

tamago (卵 or 玉子 which i found out today is an あて語 -- 'atego', or a word ppl are like 'hey that makes sense let's write it that way!), which means 'egg' is composed, as you can see, of two kanji...the meanings are 'ball/gem/jewel' and 'child'...isn't that neat? a 'ball child'...long live the atego!

second thing:

i was at a video store a coupla days ago, and i picked up a pamphlet/flyer for the upcoming release of harry potter and the prizoner of azkaban, only it is in japanese...i just found it lying around, and since i'm done studying kanji for the night (test over 36 new kanji tomorrow -- if i score an A, i'll up it to 48 and never up it from there!)

so the pamphlet has a picture of harry looking all pubescent and pissed -- typical new-teen -- and hermione to the right and ron to the left...hermy lookin sure of herself, and ron looking scared about something...there's hogwarts and buckbeak in the background, and there's a werewolf's (dementor's?) hand by ron, marauder's map and wand in harry's hands (omg 'ryoute' just popped into my head -- 'both hands' in japanese), and a poster of sirius black (the 'have you seen this wizard' one) behind them, too...anyways, enough of the description (i'll see if i can find a pic online somewhere) and on with the translations...

so it says at the top

'hari- potta-
to azukaban no shuujin'
of course, this means 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban'

next comes

'bokura wa, kawaru.'
'we will change' but perhaps it sounds better as 'we have changed' in english??



DVD TOKUBETSUHAN 2MAIGUMI (Warner Brothers sign with hari-uddo burazasu)
KIBOU-KOURIKAKAKU 2,980 yen (ZEIKOMI 3,129 yen)
DVD Special Edition 2 Disc Set (Warner Brothers sign with Hollywood Brothers under it?!?!?! is WB called Hollywood Brothers in Japan?!?!) Retail Price Asked For 2,980 yen (with tax it's 3,129 yen)

VIDEO字幕スーパー版 / 日本語吹替版
Video Subtitled Super Version / Japanese Dubbed Version
i put the parenthesis because the 'e' and 'ki' technically aren't written, only implied ^_^ ah great japanese language for ya! ^_^

then same thing with asked retail price of 1980 yen for vhs, 2079 with tax (japanese sales tax is 5% flat)



well yesterday i turned 21, so i drank a small glass (i DO mean small! check the picture) of orange-pineapple wine...

i got pair of adidas bags from my hostmother

it was my hostmother's daughter-in-law's (the one next door) birthday yesterday too (how eerie) so we had a joint party...sashimi (i've had it twice now...forgot to write about it the first time -- no taste whatsoever! oh's raw, in case you don't know japanese cuisine)

it was fun...and then after the party, i went back to my room to study a bit for my vocab quiz today (did well on it i think...A hopefully...) and then my gf called, so i talked to her...this was 1115 or so my time in the pm...then i went back upstairs, listened to some music and studied, then fell asleep...

so now here i am posting this entry in the morning...:)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Kyle!!! :) Hope you're having a blast!

-kaiwa Jessica

7:15 PM  
Blogger mmulibra said...

誕生日 おめでとう ございます!。。

Looks like you're having a good time in Japan :-)
Keep it up!.

7:41 PM  

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