Sunday, June 06, 2004

Well, I finally got internet to my apartment here, and summer school has started...I'll take this time to talk about my financial situation.

I am middle class. I am white. Therefore, I do not have many scholarship opportunities...normally.

However, I applied for 2 scholarships/grants for study abroad purposes, and got both. This totals USD 9,000! My budget for how much a year of studying in Japan would cost for -everything- was around 17,000 but my study abroad advisor encouraged me to raise it to USD 20,000. So nearly everything is covered: I have some money saved up as well, from living frugally in my childhood and high school working days.

So for any of you who are worried about the financial aspect of studying abroad, consider my case. I am not a minority, and I am not poor. I am right at the point where I cannot afford to study abroad on my own. I needed financial assistance.

Thanks goes out to:
Freeman-ASIA (for their grant)
University of Texas Study Abroad (for their scholarship)

My suggestions (or things to take away from this entry):
You CAN afford to study abroad! My study abroad time will be cheaper than a standard year of college at the University of Texas!
Apply early for scholarships! It pays. Literally!