Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Translation of an Abandoned Roller Coaster Site

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Titlebar of Browser: Defure [trans. could be "Deflated" or "Deflowered"] Spiral ~ Our Secret Place

Ruins Investigative Report
Referred to as "Abandoned Amusement Park T"
Located in Northeast Region

Concerning ruins, there are various types, but my own personal favorite is abandoned amusement parks. Always when I receive information from people looking after them, I immediately go out to see them.

[picture from top of coaster]

While being a frightened disguised PC [trans. No idea what "PC" is, perhaps just referring to himself as a trespasser?], I escaped from the northeast road and arrived at the actual location just after 6. Because of a thick fog which springs forth from the geographical features, there is pretty much no visibility.

[picture of coaster with greenish tint to the area]

Thrusting through this crevice, roller coaster rail rises to an extreme height and commands a picturesque view.

[picture taller than it is wide]

The field of vision obscured by fog is more illusive [trans. Yes, "illusive" not "elusive"] than you can imagine.


I came and saw these ruins concealed in fog at some point, but at that moment it seemed God may have fallen like rain there.

[picture with ferris wheel]

Suddenly, when I looked over my shoulder, there was a lovely Ferris Wheel.


A wounded white dragon suspended above the grass.

[picture of roller coaster cars]

With the sun shining down, the fog had lifted. This is where you board the coaster.

[closer picture of a car]

The three-star mark is cute for some reason.

[picture of cars]

The nice roller coaster from only this view was fun, perhaps. The personality of the main actor in this amusement park remains.

[view of Ferris Wheel]

I came upon the Ferris Wheel which was in a high elevation.

[pic of the Ferris Wheel]

The gondola thusly shaped has not been seen recently. The batteries and everything took on a round feeling.

[view of inside of a ferris wheel gondola]

The color of a faded-color gondola is from this view that of ruins.

[pic of gondola knob]

I heard the Abandoned Amusement Park T is the largest of all amusement parks within the prefecture.

[plants in gondola]

Even the amusement park with jumbo-sized equipment that was included within the prefecture.

[pic from gondola window]

The garden opening was in Showa 48 [trans. 48th year of the Showa emperor's reign, i.e. 1978].

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Monday, May 02, 2005

Me by a cherry blossom tree. That's Obirin right behind me! Check out my awesome Creative Commons Copyleft shirt!

A gorgeous view of cherry blossom trees lining the street, don't you think?

I'm surrounded by cherry blossom trees!

Cherry blossoms near Obirin. Those are my classmates in front of me -- Mary, Jake, Misa, Kazuo...

A street near Obirin lined with Cherry Blossom Trees

Cherry Blossoms at Obirin

Cherry Blossoms at Obirin

Obirin University Wind Power Electric Generator and Solar Power Electric Generator System