Wednesday, July 13, 2005

飲み会 (Drinking Party)

Last Friday, I went to a drinking party (飲み会, のみかい) with Amuse Company (my tennis buddies). Turns out, that their last meeting until the camp that I'm going to with them July 31 and August 1. I'm very glad I went. I had promised Takuya, the leader, that I would go drinking with him before I went back to the States, so I couldn't weasel out of paying the 30 dollars. It was so worth it. I also learned that I can drink a whole lot and not be affected at all. I started slow so that way I could find my limits, and after a while of no limit in sight, I decided to not hold back. I kept drinking, but when I wanted to be safe, I still refused alcohol. It was very fun, though. I got to hear a lot of drinking songs (the one the girls sang was the best, because I could actually understand parts of it). I'll have to transcribe some of it here when I have time to rewatch the video I took (thank God I had my video camera with me that day, in addition to my still camera).

Much pandemonium occurred, and there were quite a few drunk people. Takuya stayed fairly normal, but man did this one girl get red! I've heard there is a Japanese phrase referring to drunk people that employs the color red, and boy, they aren't kidding! This girl was quite red. I think it has something to do with a chemical deficiency that some Asians lack (only Japanese?), that has an interaction with alcohol.

In any case, there was sake mixed with Pocari Sweat and it was nice (I hate sake by itself, as it tastes like cotton in your mouth -- yuck!), beer, and other alcohols that they just referred to as "Sweet" and "Sour". I didn't ask the names of them all, either. One sounded suspiciously like wine coolers ("fruit flavored drink"), but other than that, I don't know.

The only affect I felt was at one point near the very end, I ran across the room, and was like, "Woah," for about a half-second. Other than that, Kyle is master of liquor. But I still prefer Dr. Pepper ;)

More names of my tennis mates, before I forget them myself -- Ken (another one), Sayuri, Taka, Takashi, Mana, and Mokoto (Makoto?).

OK, pictures will be posted soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey there, I'm a college student in southern california, and I intend to study in japan eventually as well. I got here via Boing Boing.. Anyway, there are a lot of asians at my school, and many of them like to drink, and more often than not, they turn rather red after a few sips, so its not limited to just the Japanese.

8:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You drank Shouchu mixed with Pocari Sweat. Not sake, which is Nihon-shu.

Also, "sour" is not a great translation of "karakuchi". Usually "dry" is used.

7:40 AM  
Blogger Kyle Goetz said...

No, Anonymous misunderstands. It was called, in Japanese, "sawaa" (サワー).

5:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pocari Sweat and god-knows-what Sour's? Let me guess, afterwards you guys all had a few Shin Lu Shu's got Schlitzed and went to Karaoke.

9:03 PM  
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